Fix Up Your Old Home With Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement Loans are traditionally one of the best ways to fix up your tired old house and to increase your property value at the same time. Government entities even get involved in the business as it increases your property value it also raises your taxes while allowing them to collect interest on the loan.These loans typically are quite affordable as you have the option of extending the life of a contract over decades if you desire.

You’ve been living in your home for close to a decade, and you want to spice things up a bit. Maybe you are considering replacing the discolored tiles in the bathroom or transforming your kitchen into a chef’s paradise.

The changes will not just uplift your mood, but can also increase home value. Giving your kitchen a facelift, boosting curb appeal, or getting a new pedestal sink for your bathroom are just a few ideas. Avoid investing in areas such as a brand new swimming pool, which may add value to your lifestyle, but not to your home.

“It all depends on the location of your home,” said Chris Goulart, owner and loan agent of All California Lending. “Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are where you get the largest returns on your money dollar for dollar.”

Once you’ve identified the upgrades, start researching available funding.

In California, homeowners have a lot of options to choose from. The positive aspect of home improvement loans is that you don’t require any equity to apply for funds, and mortgage interest on them is typically tax deductible. They are also very affordable because you can extend your payment plans anywhere from a decade to 25 years.
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There are many different types of loans and grants available and guidelines and regulations are uniquely different. The possibility of using your home equity as security is also an option that could make or break a deal.



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